Topless Beaches on Santorini...

All of the beaches on Santorini can be described as topless beaches. Going topless and topless sunbathing are commonplace on the Greek Islands and Santorini is no exception.

Many women go topless and enjoy topless sunbathing and swimming on the beaches of the Greek Islands. Getting an all over tan with no or very little white bits showing is the aim of many women who decide that going topless is what they want to do.

So, there are no designated topless beaches as such on Santorini as going topless is not seen as out of the ordinary.

Topless Beaches

Going topless at the poolside of the hotels on Santorini is less common but not unheard of. Some parents holidaying with children may object to seeing topless women but as Santorini is widely seen as a couples island this should not be such a problem.

You could have problems if you are holidaying on the more family oriented Greek islands like Corfu, Crete or Rhodes for example. Whereas in very liberal Mykonos you may find you are the only one keeping your bikini top on around the poolside.

If you prefer to go topless but feel unsure whether it would be accepted you could ask the hotel staff.

You will see all manner of shapes and sizes of women of different ages going topless on the beaches of Santorini. Some of these women would not look out of place on the cover of magazines and look stunning, whereas others not so much!

Whatever you look like, topless or bikini clad, you’ll find that you have the option to go topless if you want to and enjoy getting that all over tan with topless sunbathing.

Santorini is visited by people from all over the world and in some of the visitor’s home countries topless sunbathing is very much the norm and is not frowned upon. So many European women are used to bathing topless, whereas women from other countries such as the USA are not.

If you are shy about going topless but still want an all over tan you could avoid the very populated beaches of the busy tourist resorts of Perissa and Kamari and head for quieter topless beaches of Red beach or White beach.

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