Thirassia – a tiny Greek Island…

Thirassia (also spelt as Thirasia) is a little island close to the Greek island of Santorini. It became detached from Santorini during the powerful volcanic eruptions in 1600 B.C and shares a small section of the Aegean with the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni.

Visitors usually explore this tiny Greek Island as part of an organised excursion tour that includes a boat trip to the active volcano at Nea Kameni and the hot springs of Palea Kameni.

Thirassia itself is a peaceful, 'step back in time' island seemingly unscathed by tourism. The pace is slower, the islanders friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. So if you a visiting the island of Santorini don't forget to visit this little island too.

It's just a short and pleasant boat ride from the port at Fira, capital of Santorini or from nearby Oia.

Thirassia has 150 permanent residents, two little ports, a handful of quaint undeveloped villages and no less than 21 churches on the tiny island!


If you disembark at the harbour of Korfos you can only access the village of Manolas on foot or by donkey. Manolas is the capital of the tiny island and commands a wonderful cliff top view to Santorini and the other tiny islands.

Manolas, like all the tiny picturesque villages of the island are well worth visiting. With whitewashed alleyways, colourful tiny houses and blue domed churches you can really feel the charming character of days gone by.

If you arrive at the main harbour of Riva from Athinios or Ammoudi you can get to the little villages of Potamos, Agrilia and Manolas. Riva itself has a pretty sandy beach and is home to a small church of Aghia Eirini (Saint Irene), of which some say Santorina gets its name.

The village of Potamos (potami is the Greek word for river) took its name because it is built by a ravine. Most of the houses in Potamos are built into the volcanic rock and look very picturesque.

Agrilia is the oldest and largest village on Thirassia and again is very picturesque with houses built into the volcanic rock. In the village you will find the church of Panagia of Eisodia, which has dates back to 1887.

There are lots of other little churches to explore on the island of Thirassia. And if you find yourself on the island on the 21st of September you will be welcomed to attend the local feast in honour of Panagia Giatrissa (Virgin Mary).

Where to Stay

Being such a tiny island there is only one hotel and a few rooms for rent. The Cavo Mare hotel has a swimming pool, bar and views to the ocean views.

Eating and Drinking

There are good places to eat and drink in Korfos with typical Greek menu to offer. The menus usually includes fresh fish and seafood that is perfect with a glass of ouzo or two.

How to get to Thirassia

Daily boat trips from Santorini go to the island. You can board a boat from Athinios Port or Ammoudi Port in Oia. The boats stop at the main harbour of Riva and at Korfos.

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