Spellings of Santorini place names…

Spellings for Santorini place names can be quite confusing. As you may know Santorini is also known as Thira sometimes spelt as Theira or even Thera.

It's capital is called Fira and should not be confused with Thira. And you think that’s confusing!

If you travel around by bus or hire a car from a car rental company on the Greek island of Santorini you may be a little confused by some of the different spellings of the village, church names, town and place names you may come across on maps or road signs.

For example Oia you may see as Ia. Quite regularly you’ll find the letter ‘G’ as an alternative to the letter ‘Y’ as in Agios Nikolaos or Ayios Nikolaos. And very commonly words with one ‘S’ can be seen with two, as in Perisa or Perissa.


Well this variation in spelling is because the translation from the Greek language to the English language is not an exact science. Many letters in the Greek alphabet do not translate exactly to a letter in the English alphabet. So mapmakers, road sign writers and guidebook authors translate the Greek alphabet place names to what they believe is a phonetic counterpart in the English language.


So throughout our website you’ll find alternative ways to spell to many of the towns and villages of Santorini. So you may see Kamari spelt as Kammari for example.

Variations of ways to spell is just one of the eccentricities of life in Santorini that you never seem to get used to!

Here is a chart that might help you.

Spelling 1 Spelling 2 Spelling 3 Spelling 4
Aghios Nikolaos Agios Nikolaos Aghio Nikolaos Agios Nickolas
Aghios Stefanos Agios Stefanos Aghio Stefanos Agios Stefanoss
Agia Irini Aghia Irini Ayia Irini
Agia Triada Aghia Triada Ayia Triada
Akrotiri Akrottiri
Analipsis Analipssis Annalipsis
Athinaios Athinaioss
Caldera Calderra
Emporio Empporio Eborio Emborio
Episkopi Gonias Episkopi Goniass Episskopi Gonias
Exo Gonia Exo Ghonia
Finikia Finnikiai
Firostefani Firosstefani
Gialos Yialos
Imerovigli Immerovigli Ymeroviyli
Kamari Kammari
Karterados Katarados Kataradoss Karteradoss
Megalochori Megaloxori Megaloxhori Megalo Chorio
Mesa Gonia Messa Gonia
Messaria Mesaria
Oia Ia
Perissa Perisa
Pyrgos Pirgos
Skaros Skaross
Thira Theira Thera
Thirassia Thirasia
Vothonas Vothonass
Vourvoulos Vourvouloss Vouvoulos

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