Sexy Santorini hotspots, beaches & spas…

Sexy Santorini is so so enticing and seducing to many visitors of the Greek Islands.

Newly wed honeymooning couples, romantic sultry sunsets, scintillating scorching heat and sexy beach perfect bodies all build to a crescendo of a red-hot sexual energy. This explosive eruption rivals that of the famous volcano that shaped the island of Santorini.

It's little wonder then that this Greek island gets the nickname of Sexy Santorini!

Greek beefcake and pop singing heartthrob Sakis Rouvas is a typical bronzed Adonis. Phworrr! He's scorchio!

Sexy Santorini Hotspots

Greek Adonis

Fira, the capital of the island has the coolest Santorini hotspots – if that's not a contradiction in terms!

Typically things don't get going until way after midnight with dancing wel into the eary hours.

Night clubs throb rhythmically well into the night and seductively attract the young and the beautiful. Follow your ears and listen for the sounds of disco music in the little streets of Fira and you'll soon find your way there.

Away from Fira are the steamy resorts of Perissa and Kamara.

Sexy Santorini Beaches

Santorini Beach Babes

Topless bathing is commonplace in Santorini. In fact there seems to be more topless beach babes than those sporting a full swimsuit or bikini.

Red Beach in Santorini regularly appears in the top ten topless beaches in the world. And the beaches of Perissa and Kamari are also known for the topless beach babes.

It maybe OK to go without wearing a top but don't venture on the red hot volcanic sands without your flip flops! The black sand is so hot!

Totally naked bathers, although not actively encouraged also find their place on some of the best beaches in Santorini. Although there are no 'nudist beaches' as such on Santorini, discreet nude bathing is tolerated.

So if you want to strip off and bare all head for the pebble and black sand beach of Koloumbo Beach near Oia. It is said to be a very naturist friendly beach.

Otherwise head for other Santorini beaches such as Katharos also near Oia or in the south try Vlychada and White Beach, which lies just beyond Red Beach at Akrotiri.

Sexy Santorini Luxury Spa Hotels

Santorini is renowned for its top luxury hotels, most offering fabulous spa facilities and pampering treatments. Where better then to get your body pummelled, scrubbed, buffed, massaged and ready for action on the beach by day and the Santorini hotspots by night.

Santorini luxury spa hotels like Notos Spa Hotel at Vlychada beach offer algae and volcanic mud wraps, wonderful soaks and rain showers that promise to reinvigorate both mind and body.

The Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel Resort in Imerovigli offers essential oils treatments, body waxing and spa therapies as well as special wellness packages for brides and grooms.

If your pocket doesn't stretch to the pricey luxury spa treatments try the totally natural and free volcanic mud baths and hot springs at the extinct volcano of Palea Kameni. Regular boat excursions carry travellers from the port at Fira on boat trips to see the active volcano of Nea Kameni and stop off at Palea Kameni for a chance to swim to the hot springs and bathe in the beautifying volcanic mud.

Sexy Santorini Singles

If you're unattached and single you may feel that Santorini is not for you. After all it is well known as a couples destination and the wedding and honeymoon island. But singles shouldn't feel out of place on this lovely Greek Island.

Sexy Santorini Gay Scene

Not renowned so much as neighbouring Mykonos for its gay scene, Santorini still extends a warm gay friendly welcome to gay and lesbian couples.

Although there are no gay bars as such on Santorini all are gay friendly.

All the Greek Islands and notoriously Mykonos for gay men and Lesvos for lesbian women welcome openly everyone. And Santorini is no exception.

More refined, less frantic and a far less predictable holiday destination than the Gay Mecca of Mykonos, Santorini can be a super place for a holiday vacation regardless of your sexuality.

Already many gay and lesbian couples are welcomed to this romantic isle to have a holiday vacation. Many are drawn to hold their commitment ceremonies here or enjoy their Santorini celebration and honeymoons after marrying in their home country.

Unfortunately it currently is not possible to hold a civil partnership ceremony for same sex couples in Greece or any of the Greek Islands. This is set to alter with changes in the law being discussed now by the Greek government to enable all couples to enjoy the opportunity of a fabulous Santorini wedding.

We'll keep you posted on the up to date information about same sex civil partnership ceremonies in Santorini.

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