Nude Beaches on Santorini...

There are no official nude beaches on the Greek Island of Santorini although discreet naturism is tolerated. Most of the beaches on Santorini you could say are topless beaches.

Many women choose to go topless when sunbathing on even the most popular and sometimes crowded beaches of the Greek Islands. And Santorini is no exception. This partial nudity is rarely given a second glance and is commonplace and accepted.

So yes, you’ll find topless beaches on Santorini. The most popular beaches of the tourist resorts of Kamari and Perissa are often full of topless women sunbathers. But nude beaches are another matter.

Nude Beaches on Santorini

You’ll not find official nudist beaches nor signposted or reserved areas for nudists on the island of Santorini. However on the less popular and less populated beaches you may be able to practice naturism.

Nudists often head for the difficult to access and more secluded beaches of Santorini. Red beach (Kokkini Ammos) and White beach (Aspro Paralia) are sometimes seen as nude beaches and places where naturism can be accepted. Red Beach has red pebbles and has dramatic red lava cliffs thrusting upwards from the crystal clear water.

You can walk from Red beach to White beach and you’ll notice the steep cliffs gradually changing colour from red to white so hence the name. Both of these beaches are difficult to access and the choice is either to scramble down the cliffs or jump aboard a water taxi to access them.

Paradise beach is less crowded than the resorts of Kamari and Perissa so at times this beach could be used by nudists.  The sand is greyish black and there are some high waves depending on the summer winds.

Perivolos beach which is a continuation of Perissa beach can be quieter too, particularly in the less populated spring months of April and May and the autumn months of October and November. During these quieter times some secluded areas of both Perivolos and Paradise beaches could be used as nudist beaches.

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