Is Santorini Expensive?

Is Santorini Expensive? This is a question we’re often asked. The Greek Island of Santorini is one of the most visited destinations in Greece and is an extremely popular holiday location.
Compared with other areas of Greece and its islands we have to say that Santorini is expensive. Mainland Greece (excluding Athens) and other Greek islands such as Rhodes, Crete, Samos, Skiathos, Skopolos, Zakinthos and Corfu seem to offer cheaper holidays, budget hotels and inexpensive food and drink at their restaurants. But Santorini is expensive in comparison.

We would estimate that eating out in Santorini is around 20% more expensive than other Greek Islands. The only exception to this we’ve found is Mykonos. We would say the prices for eating out in Santorini matches that of Mykonos.

Some of the high class restaurants on Santorini, particularly those offering a dining experience watching the famous Santorini sunset at Oia and Fira can charge as much as quadruple the price for a similar meal in the resorts of Kamari and Perissa.

Staying in hotels and particularly the Santorini luxury hotels can set you back considerable amounts particularly in the height of the holiday season of June, July and August. We would say that staying in Santorini is expensive compared to other Greek Islands. You can pay as much as double for comparable holiday accommodation in say Crete or Corfu.

Trips and excursions to the tourist hotspots can also prove to be expensive. So this makes sightseeing and visiting Santorini quite costly.

Getting to Santorin can be expensive too. There are not many cheap direct flights to Santorini so many visitors have to arrive in Santorini via Athens. Travelling from Athens to Santorini either by plane or ferry can work out to be quite costly. 

So to answer the question of is Santorini expensive we’d have to say a resounding yes.

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