Gay Weddings on Santorini...

Gay weddings and same sex marriage are not legal at the moment in Santorini, Greece or any other of the Greek islands for that matter.

So if you wanted to celebrate a same sex marriage legally on Santorini you are currently unable to do so.

However if you are gay or lesbian and want to exchange vows or hold a commitment ceremony with the one you love on this beautiful island you can do. Santorini is very popular with lovers because of its stunning locations, romantic Santorini sunsets and laid back charm mixed with breathtaking scenery.

Santorini is famed for being THE destination for romance, Greek islands weddings and honeymoons.

Although official lesbian and gay weddings are not currently legal, the upside is that there are no residency rules or legal documentation and translations required to hold a same sex commitment ceremony and to exchange vows.

There are a few Santorini wedding planners and organizers who can plan and assist you to exchange vows or hold a commitment ceremony at some of the most stunning locations on Santorini. You can choose from beach locations, aboard a sailing boat at sunset, at the top of a cliff overlooking the caldera or at a beautiful scenic vineyard. Only your imagination can limit the possibilities of wonderful venues to share your commitment and proclaim your love for each other.

You can also stay at wonderful luxury hotels in Santorini that specialise in weddings, same sex commitment ceremonies and honeymoons.

Top Tip for Gay Weddings on Santorini

If you intend to exchange wedding rings at your same sex commitment ceremony then why not choose them from the many gold and silver jewellery shops on Santorini. Many of the jewellery shops have their own onsite goldsmiths busily crafting in their workshops at the rear of the shops.

They can even design and create your own unique designs if given enough time and notice. Just ask in the shop and most will be delighted to create your personalised pieces of jewellery.

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