Flights to Santorini...

Flights to Santorini, Greece are frequent in the summer months. So getting to Santorini is easy. Unlike many of the small Greek Islands Santorini has its own international airport. Santorini Airport is easily accessed via Athens Airport or Thessaloniki Airport on mainland Greece from Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Cyprus, Japan and China.

Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines have frequent flights to Santorini airport from Athens.

Flying from Athens to Santorini normally take around 45 minutes and flying from Thessaloniki to Santorini usually take about one and a half hours.

Flights to Santorini

Flying to Santorini from European countries via direct flights is easy too.

There are many direct flights flying to Santorini airport from European cities such as Frankfurt in Germany, Paris in France, Rome in Italy, Stockholm in Sweden, Dublin in Ireland and Brussels in Belgium.

Santorini Airport

Santorini Airport is very small, even by Greek Island standards. The runway itself is also very short so landing can seem like an emergency stop!

Direct flights flying to Santorini from the UK fly from Manchester, Gatwick and Birmingham. Holiday companies like Thomson, Thomas Cook and Monarch all have direct flights to Santorini airport. The low cost airline Easyjet also has cheap flights to Santorini flying from London Gatwick.

If you're lucky you can sometimes get cheap flights from London Gatwick and Manchester Airport to Santorini Airport via Thomson Fly.

There are direct flights flying to Santorini from Germany from Cologne-Bonn, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgard, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

Direct flights to Santorini fly from Vienna, Linz and Salzburg in Austria. 
Getting to Santorini is easy from Sweden, Denmark and Norway too with direct flights flying to Santorini from Stockholm, Kiruna and Umea Copenhagen and Lulea – Kallax.

There are also direct flights flying to Santorini from Paris in France, Brussels in Belgium and Rome and Milan in Italy.

Greek domestic flights fly to and from other Greek Islands such as Mykonos, Rhodes and Crete making Greek Island hopping by air simple and fun.

If you are not on a package holiday with transfers as part of the deal you can leave Santorini airport by hire car, taxi or bus.

The buses are not very frequent though and at busy summer times the queues at the Taxi rank can be quite long.

So it may be a good idea to pre-book a car rental before getting to Santorini. You can arrange to have the car waiting for you at Santorini airport, so you can commence your holiday straight away. And remember Santorini is very small so you will not be driving far to your hotel or holiday accommodation.

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Top Tip

It is very important to remember that Santorini is known as Thira. You’ll find the name Thira on Greek airline and when booking your Santorini flights.

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