Cheap Flights to Santorini...

There are some cheap flights to Santorini but you may have to choose dates that are not in the peak season of June, July and August to take advantage of them. Both the Spring and Autumn months of March, April and May and September, October and November are less crowded with visitors than the summer months but there are also less direct flights flying to Santorini.

In the less popular winter months of December, January and February most flights to Santorini will be connecting flights from Athens or Thessaloniki. 

Both Greek airlines of Olympic and Aegean often have sales and special offers for cheap flights to Santorini from Thessaloniki and Athens International Airport.  This allows connecting flights from all over the world to fly to Santorini. Flights from Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Cyprus, Japan and China can take advantage of these connections.

There are budget airlines flying to Santorini airport. So you may find some direct flights at very reasonable prices. The budget airline Easyjet flies from Gatwick, London and also has direct flights to Santorini from Manchester in the summer months. They also fly to Milan and Rome from Santorini.

To find cheap flights to Santorini you will need to start looking for the best fares as soon as possible. Don't rely on last minute flight deals to Santorini. Santorini is very popular and the planes tend to fly to full capacity in the summer months.

You can sometimes get cheap flights to Santorini from the other UK airlines that fly here. Thomson flies to Santorini from Manchester, London Gatwick and Birmingham and Thomas Cook has flights to Santorini from Manchester and London Gatwick. Very early bookings rather than last minute booking usually provide you with good deals.

Other European locations also have airlines flying to Santorini in the tourist season. There are direct flights from Paris, France to Santorini via Transavia airlines. Direct flights from Germany to Santorini arrive from the German cities of Cologne, Bonn, Munich and Hamburg.

Direct flights to Santorini from Austria arrive from Vienna, Linz and Salzburg and visitors from Begium can fly direct to Santorini from Belgium.

The Scandinavian countries also have direct flights to Santorini from Copenhagen, Karup, Stockholm, Kiruna and Umea.

Cheap flights connecting you to other Greek Islands of Crete, Mykonos and from Rhodes are offered by Sky Express in the summer months.

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