Books on Santorini

If you’re looking for books on Santorini, visiting Santorini soon or are Greek Island hopping and you want a good read for the ferry, aeroplane, beach or pool, then here's some suggestions for some great books on Santorini, including Santorini Guides, Santorini maps, Greek Islands guidebooks and Santorini themed novels.

There are plenty of good Santorini guides so you can plan your trip. Maps of Santorini to help you get around and the Greek Islands guidebooks are useful too. There are also some good books on Santorini or Santorini and Greek Islands themed novels to read lounging and relaxing – that's what a holiday in Santorini's all about isn't it?

Thomas Cook Pocket Guides

Perfect for sun-seekers, this practical pocket guide helps you sample the nightlife, shopping, beaches and activities within some of Santorini's best resorts. Whether you are relaxing on a beach in Kamari or Perissa, the handy resort maps make restaurants and places of interest easier to find.

"Very simply this book, is what it says it is.
Useful if your taking a holiday on this wonderful island, short, succinct and very easy to read and take some real hints from. Well worth it."

One of the best Santorini Guides.

by Tony Oswin

A unique and comprehensive travel guide to the Greek island of Santorini. The state-of-the-art 'A to Z' travel guides are the first to link the printed book with the full power of the Internet. Purchase of the book includes free membership of the 'A to Z Travel Club' which offers a wide range of holiday related information, news and offers never seen before in any travel guide. Before deciding on any holiday guide book, please visit our website at for comprehensive information on the book, website and free travel club.

One of the best books on Santorini.

Map of Santorini
by Loveday Murley

This from an Amazon Verified Purchaser:

"This map is as detailed as it gets for Santorini maps, and is the best one out there. Compared to all others I've examined, it has far more detail and is much more accurate. I have used it for walking on footpaths (mule tracks) with success. It also has good contour lines and colors. As a bonus, it has super-detailed street maps of Fira and Oia, showing buildings. Shops and restaurants are well indexed. Translations are often (but not always) provided into English, but they forgot to provide an English text for the museums in Fira, so these are difficult to locate on the map."

 ***  KINDLE EDITION   ***


by Maria Mavromataki

A full island guide that will introduce you to the island 's history, art and folklore. It guides you round archaeological sites and others sights, and takes you over routes on the island.

One of the best Santorini Guides.

by Walter L. Friedrich, Alexander R. McBirney

When the Greek island of Santorini, or Thera, erupted dramatically in the seventeenth or sixteenth century BC, it produced one of the largest explosions ever witnessed by humankind. The event covered Bronze Age settlements on the island with volcanic ash, and altered the course of civilisation in the region, possibly giving rise to the legend of Atlantis. Fire in the Sea blends the thrill of scientific discovery with a popular presentation of the geology, archaeology, history, peoples and environmental setting of Santorini. It is a case study of a natural disaster that will fire the imagination. Excellent colour photographs and illustrations along with easily understandable scientific and historic details make this book highly appealing to a wide audience. It will also be useful as a supplementary text for introductory courses in earth and atmospheric science, geology, volcanology, palaeoclimatology, as well as ancient history and archaeology.

One of the best books on Santorini.

by John Freely

The Cyclades are the quintessential Greek isles, renowned for the beauty of their seascapes, their historical monuments and a unique way of life deeply rooted in the remote past of the Aegean. Over the course of more than 7,000 years the Cyclades have seen a succession of civilizations, the earliest of them perpetuated in legends such as that of Atlantis, which has been identified with volcanic Santorini.

The islands are arrayed around their sacred centre on Delos, where Leto was said to have given birth to the divine twins Apollo and Artemis, children of Zeus. Dionysos was born on olive-embowered Naxos, where he fell in love with Ariadne, and myths relate that Poseidon was the protector of Tinos, whose mid-summer festival of the Virgin is celebrated with the folk-dances and songs for which the Cyclades are famous. In this comprehensive guide to the Cyclades, John Freely describes the immemorial past and timeless present of these enchanting islands, which still await discovery.

One of the best books on Santorini and Greek Islands guidebooks.

by James Frew

Given shifting tectonic plates, the volcano erupts once again in the 21st. Century to threaten the Mediterranean. This trilogy of an American U-2 pilot sponsored by the UN, brings an exciting bird's eye view of the pending catastrophe. Frew excels as a 'you are there' storyteller in his latest 'white knuckle' thriller. With three storylines established, Frew skilfully draws the analogy of a Greek heiress bride, her occult nature seeded from Minoan times. High level espionage, a revengeful murder...the horrendous aftermath when the volcano blew its guts to the Aegean Sea; the tragedy of the pilot searching for his wife in the highlands of the mysterious Crete, are all captured in this epic story of espionage and action in the troubled Middle East.

One of the best books on Santorini.

by Frewin Poffley

Now in its 23rd edition, this annual, with its distinctive style, honest commentary and comprehensive coverage, is perfect for island veterans and novice hoppers alike. Fully updated to provide the most complete guide to the Greek Islands ever!

"Greek Island Hopping" sets the standard for independent travellers guidebooks to the Greek islands thanks to its unique mix of island and ferry information, coupled with the most comprehensive collection of port town and sightseeing maps yet published in a single volume.

One of the best books on Santorini and Greek Island Hopping.

This from an Amazon Verified Purchaser:

"All ferry lines are clearly visualized, a lot of information about every island is provided, here are tables with ratings of the islands nightlife, towns, landscape etc. and much, much more. If you are planning island hopping in Greece, this book is essential!"

For Music Lovers...

The Ultimate Collection
Nana Mouskouri

1. Everybody Hurts
2. Only Love
3. Try To Remember
4. On My Own
5. Why Worry
6. A Place In My Heart
7. Return To Love - Nana Mouskouri, Julio Iglesias
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water
9. Habanera (De L'Opéra "Carmen")
10. The Three Bells
11. The White Rose Of Athens
12. Love Changes Everything
13. Scarborough Fair Canticle
14. Amazing Grace
15. Only Time Will Tell
16. Plaisir D'Amour
17. Turn On The Sun
18. Morning Has Broken
19. Song For Liberty
20. Ave Maria 

Zorba the Greek (Soundtrack)
Mikis Theodorakis

From an Amazon Purchaser:

This is a wonderful CD of Theodorakis' wonderful music! When we first listened to the CD my two nieces spontaneously took my wife and myself in the hand and we all danced happily! What a wonderful CD this is!

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