Anogi Restaurant Reviews

On this page you'll find our Anogi Restaurant Reviews. Anogi is situated right in the heart of the wonderful town of Imerovigli on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini.

The difference between this restaurant and other tavernas in Santorini, is that it is located in the middle of the main square of Imerovigli. This means you do not get the wonderful sea views while you dine but the service and food you receive certainly make up for it.

Anogi restaurant quite possibly offers some of the best food on Santorini. Their very impressive menu is traditionally Greek with a unique, modern twist. You will find dishes such as moussaka with prawns, feta stuffed beef and feta wrapped in filo pastry with honey. The chefs are highly competent and clearly have a passion for what they do.

Another benefit of this Imerovigli restaurant is the excellent value for money. You get exceptional food for very reasonable prices.

Anogi Restaurant Reviews

Anogi Restaurant Reviews

We've checked out some of the most recent Anogi Restaurant Reviews and have to agree with most of them. The high standard of food certainly makes this restaurant stand out. Visitors to Anogi have claimed it to be one of the best tavernas in Imerovigli while others say you will taste the best food on Santorini here.

Their signature dish of Pork with Prunes comes highly recommended with customers stating it is definitely a must try. The mix of traditional, local food coupled with a more contemporary twist certainly has appeal.

Other reviews speak of the wonderful service you receive from the staff when eating at Anogi. The usual Greek hospitality shines through and some say that it is one of the best tavernas in Santorini.

What we love

The standard of the food served at Anogi is second to none. Added to the competitive prices, this restaurant is excellent value.

What we don't like

Because this restaurant is so popular, you may have to wait a while to be seated. The way around this is to book a reservation in advance.

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