The Minoan Settlement of Akrotiri on Santorini…

You'll find Akrotiri near the famous Red Beach of the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini. It is the most important archaeological site in Santorini because it was a Minoan settlement.

It dates back to the late Neolithic times and gradually developed into one of the most important cities and ports of the Aegean through the ages.

The Minoan settlement had a complex drainage system, two and three-storey buildings elaborately built and decorated with striking frescos. The famous fresco of a fisherman and the boxing youths are examples of the style of art prevalent in Minoan society.

Red Beach Santorini

The inhabitants of the settlement had to flee and leave everything behind when a violent earthquake shook the island and the volcano erupted in 17th century B.C. Pompeii style the Minoan settlement was buried in volcanic ash, which preserved the frescos, pottery, furniture and artefacts. Examples of the buried treasures are displayed at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira, as well as the life-size reproductions of the wall paintings.

Fortunately, the excavation of Akrotiri Archaeological Site has reopened to the public. 


Akrotiri Santorini

You can experience a breathtaking view from Akrotiri and you'll also find a ruined Venetian castle and a lighthouse right at the southwestern tip of Santorini.

The area is quiet so you won't find a frantic Santorini nightlife here so you'll need to visit livelier resorts like Kamari, Perissa and Fira if that's what you're looking for.

There is plenty of choice of accommodation in Akrotiri ranging from budget all the way up to some gorgeous Santorini luxury hotels with well-positioned rooms to enjoy the view at the famous Snatorini sunset.

Best Fish Restaurants

There are lots of fabulous fish restaurants here too. We recommend the Dolphins Fish Taverna, which is probably one of the best fish restaurants on the island. You can try, the freshly caught Kalamaris or grilled prawns washed down with their own homemade wine. This is where the locals dine which is always a good recommendation.

And talking of wining and dining, while you're here don't forget to visit the nearby Santorini Wineries of Santo wines and Boutari wines to take a tour of the vineyards, winery and sample the very best in Santorini wines.

In the area you'll also find some pretty little churches like Agia Theodosia situated at the castle’s entrance. A few local feasts and religious festivals take place at Akrotiri. There are two in May (12th and 29th) and two in August (6th and 15th).

Beaches close by are Red Beach or a little further on you can take a boat to White Beach.

For top tips about exploring the beautiful Greek island of Santorini see our Getting around Santorini section featuring scooter hire and car rental.

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